Mike Vance

Mike Vance

Mike started playing Bass Guitar in 1975 for a band called Voca Club Express. Later joined a trio in Jasper, GA, then on to a band called Barracade. Mike joined a band called "Guilty" for the next year, out of Austell, GA. After this, he played in the Blue Collar Band for the next year. Mike put together The Shadetree Band and later joined Rustbucket Band, out of Bowdon, GA.

Most recently, Mike had a very successful run with his group Slim & None and over the years he has also worked with various local and regional acts.

Mike also came from a musical family. His mother was a piano player and a singer, and father played the bango and the guitar and sang as well. Mike's dad had a musical carrer of his own.

Now, Mike is pleased to be a member of The Mike Watson Band. Mike & his wife Brenda now reside in Bowdon, GA.

To see what the Mike Vance "buzz" is all about, get acquainted and experience his talent and showmanship at the next MWB performance and hear and see for yourself!